EZ Teethbrush™ & Sonic Toothbrush


"Radical Toothbrush Design Can Brush All of Your Teeth At Once" -ENGINEERING.COM

Dental Professionals Love Us

Hear what they are saying:

"I recommend the EZ Teethbrush™ to my patients that don't brush for two minutes, twice a day. "  

"I would recommend the EZ Teethbrush™ for anyone that doesn't brush for two minutes, twice a day, and for patients with special needs"

Everyone can benefit from using the EZ Teethbrush, I use it daily and highly recommend it to everyone including my own family

What Our Customer's Are Saying

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According to the CDC nearly half of the adults in the USA have Gum Disease.

What does that mean? 

Statistically you or your family member may be suffering from gum disease and/or gum recission. Failing to take action can lead to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in avoidable $$$ dental fees, painful surgery, yellow teeth, and bad breath. 

Why The EZ Teethbrush™ Electric Toothbrush?

Research shows that MOST PEOPLE struggle to brush their teeth properly & rarely long enough. We invented a revolutionary product that simplifies brushing and speeds up the cleaning and whitening process.

  • Whitens and Cleans 4x Faster

    With the EZ Teethbrush™ you can save 75% of the time it takes you to brush. Now you can clean and whiten your teeth 4x faster than traditional brushing. Get ready to smile more!

  • Brush Smarter, Not Harder™

    The EZ Teethbrush™ Patented design is so precise it allows for smarter brushing techniques that makes brushing easier for the average user.  Plus most adults have abfraction lesions caused from over-brushing and not using the proper brushing techniques. 

  • The Perfect Brush

    Multiple sized EZ Teethbrush™ mouthpieces which are simple to customize or trim for the perfect brush. 

  • Long Battery Life

    Equipped with an incredible 45 day battery life. Great for people on the go or when you travel. You can go more than a month on a single charge.