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EZ Teethbrush™ Platinum

$129.00 $199.00 saving $70.00
EZ Teethbrush™ Platinum

EZ Teethbrush™ Platinum

$129.00 $199.00 saving $70.00

EZ Teethbrush™ Platinum Teeth Cleaning Kit

Extremely Limited Quantity Remaining

Research shows that most people struggle to brush their teeth properly. We invented the EZ Teethbrush™ as a product to simplify brushing and speed up the cleaning and whitening process. Imagine the money you and your family can save on dental care by having a better tool to clean your teeth.

Brush Smarter, Not Harder™ with the EZ Teethbrush™.   Now you can brush ALL of your teeth, safer,  softer, and faster than ever before.  This revolutionary product uses a Patent Pending state-of-the-art Sonic Powered double-sided mouthpiece toothbrush that brushes all of your teeth simultaneously

This Amazing Deal Includes: 

1x - EZ Teethbrush™ Handle backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY*

2x - EZ Teethbrush™ Mouthpieces

2x - EZ Teethbrush™ Sonic Toothbrush Heads 

1x - EZ Teethbrush™ Wireless and Waterproof USB Charger LIFETIME WARRANTY*

1x - EZ Teethbrush™ Carbon Fiber Style Travel Kit (Selected by our over 500 Kickstarter Backers)

1x EZ Teethpaste™ Foam Whitening Toothpaste w/Flouride

 Over a $259 Value