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EZ Teethbrush™ Teeth Cleaning Kit

Research shows that MOST PEOPLE struggle to brush their teeth properly. We invented the EZ Teethbrush™ Sonic Toothbrush as a product to simplify brushing and speed up the cleaning and whitening process. Just imagine the money and time you and your loved ones can save, simply by having a better tool to clean your teeth.  

Brush Smarter, Not Harder™ with the EZ Teethbrush™.   Now you can brush ALL of your teeth, safer,  softer, and faster than ever before.  This revolutionary product uses a Patent Pending state-of-the-art Sonic Powered double-sided mouthpiece toothbrush that brushes all of your teeth simultaneously

 This listing only provides the EZ Teethbrush handle and does not include any accessories or Teethpaste.  


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got mine in January and absolutely love it. I haven't had any issues so far, and the quality was WAY beyond my expectations!

Backer 17

I love the teethbrush regarding how easy it is...almost too easy. my breath smells good after 30 seconds of using the teethbrush.


My EZ Teethbrush has been a godsend for my child (Age 3), its easier on her gums and she loves using it.

Trent R

I use the teethbrush for a client as I work for a caregiver. The mouthpiece is MUCH easier on her mouth and cleans very well.

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How it Works

 Our revolutionary Brush is the first-ever electric TEETHbrush. Stimulates gums, brushes/cleans ALL your teeth Faster, Easier, and Safer than ever before with Ultra Soft Bristles. Not only do they help limit bacteria growth, but they provide a much gentler brushing experience.

Why go gentle? Softer bristles help you avoid brushing too hard, which can lead to recessed gums and temperature sensitivity.

Sonic Powered double-sided mouthpiece toothbrush that brushes all of your teeth simultaneously it feels like a massage for your mouth. 

The WORld's first teethbrush

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 -Double-sided, bacteria-resistant mouthpiece Brush all teeth and gums simultaneously

- an incredible 45 day battery life with Wireless charging.

- Waterproof and Takes only 30 seconds!

- Ultra-soft bristles with 3 modes - clean, soft, & white 

The Perfect Brush

Multiple sized EZ Teethbrush™ mouthpieces which are simple to customize or trim for the perfect brush.

The EZ Teethbrush™ Patented design is so precise it allows for smarter brushing techniques that makes brushing easier for the average user. Plus most adults have abfraction lesions caused from over-brushing and not using the proper brushing techniques.

 With the EZ Teethbrush™ you can save 75% of the time it takes you to brush. Now you can clean and whiten your teeth 4x faster than traditional brushing. Get ready to smile more!

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1x - EZ Teethbrush™ Handle backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY*

2x - EZ Teethbrush™ Mouthpiece (Custom Sizing Available)

2x - EZ Teethbrush™ Sonic Toothbrush Head

1x - EZ Teethbrush™ Wireless and Waterproof USB Charger LIFETIME WARRANTY*

1x - EZ Teethbrush™ Carbon Fiber Style Travel Kit (Selected by our over 500 Kickstarter Backers)

1x EZ Teethpaste™ Foam Whitening Toothpaste w/Flouride

Over a $259 Value 


Ryan's Testomnial

Laurie's Testomnial


Your EZ Teethbrush has a Lifetime Warranty, if it has issues, we'll replace it.

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Amazing 45 Day Battery Life

Take your Teethbrush on a long vacation without worrying about battery life